London in Winter 2016

​​Now that I’ve cleared the air about what was wrong about my traveling over the winter break, let’s get to what was so good about it.

First of all, I got to see my parents and siblings. The whole trip was a Christmas present to me, so I didn’t pay a dime. But don’t worry, my mom actually got an insanely good deal on the tickets. Yay mom.

In Europe, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to travel to other places in Europe than traveling from America. So my mom took me and my sister to London for a couple days. I’m realizing now that talking about all this kinda sounds like we have tons of money. But let me state this again for you – my mom got an insanely good deal on my tickets and the tickets to London were also cheaper than you would see going from the states.

Anyway, we also went to a few Christmas markets around Germany and did other stuff. It was all good fun. But obviously I’m going to talk about London here (see title…) because it was the newest thing to me. I’ve been to Christmas markets and all that other stuff before. It was my first time in London. 

It was only three days which is devastatingly short. In those few days, we did a few touristy things. We saw the London Eye and Big Ben. We didn’t do anything other than take pictures and walk by. (Shhh, I’m saving super touristy things like that for next time when I bring boyfriend). 

I dragged them to 221 B Baker street and King’s Cross. 

My sister dragged us to Lush (I’m really no complaining there…) My mom dragged us through the over-crowded Leicester square. We went to the Nickelodeon store and the M&M’s store. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe where we ate and bought the obligatory t-shirt.

We saw the angels in Picadilly Circus, big red busses, telephone boxes, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and the Thames. We walked along Southbank and saw a guy blowing bubbles and another guy building sand sculptures. We took the underground a lot and we walked even more.

It was wonderful, but far from perfect. As previously mentioned, boyfriend didn’t come along. So the next post will actually be about planning next time.

London in Winter 2016

Back from Hiatus

I know I don’t have enough followers to have noticed and I know I haven’t been blogging long enough to really have a regular schedule. However, this is really more for my sake than anyone else’s. 

Remember last week when I posted about missing my first blog post? Ha. Well, in that post, I addressed that maybe there was something else going on behind the scenes. I actually missed a few more days and then I decided to make it into a full week so that I could evaluate what would make this blogging thing the most beneficial for me. 

So I figured out just what was going on. Firstly, I was just getting off a break from school. That meant my mind went into a lazy mindset and I was playing a little catch-up with classes. Secondly, I was just finishing up on a big project that I’ve been working on and frankly, I just didn’t quite have the time/motivation/energy to focus on much else (I’ll probably update on said project in about a month! So excited!). Lastly, I was still figuring out what the best schedule was for me in regards to this blog and until I get that schedule down, I’m going to miss a few.

And I figured out what I was going to do about it. So, I’ll be posting less often – like a few times a week rather than every day. I’m thinking MWF on a regular basis. That’s three days for three topics I want to talk about. I think that works. 

k byyye.

Back from Hiatus


Is it just me or is adulting hard? All I want to do is binge watch Netflix and make art. But I guess it’s necessary. So, I have a job, I wear pants, and I cook food with veggies.

Okay, so I actually like wearing pants and eating veggies but you get the point.

Some of the things I do to make it feel like I might actually be an adult are as follows:

1. I use wooden hangers. Dude, seriously-it ups the closet game like nobody’s business. 

2. I wear more than just a t-shirt, jeans, vans combo. Says the girl who is literally wearing just that today. But seriously, it’s actually been a personal mission of mine lately to make my wardrobe look like I have my shit together.

3. I seriously do like those veggies that I cook. I roast some broccoli up with my red potatoes and ooh boy am I a happy girl.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t take the time to be an irresponsible adult. Sometimes I just need to sit in bed for a day a few hours with no pants, watching Netflix-which has already asked me three times if I want to continue watching. Nobody asked you, Netflix. Quit judging.

It’s actually a personal belief of mine that doing these kinds of things are essential to being a well-rounded adult. Not all day, every day-but at the end of your night or on the weekends or something. You deserve a break. I think it’s really important to balance your life. All work and no play makes Ashley a grumpy girl. But having no responsibilities makes me feel useless and I end up having an existential crisis on a Tuesday afternoon. Nobody in Target wants to see that. 

So balancing responsibility and irresponsibility to a point where you’re busy enough to feel useful but having enough fun to not feel burnt out is the sweet spot of life.



Habits & Breaking Them

I’ve recently taken up blogging and I’ve missed my first post! Occasionally when you begin a new habit, you’ll break it. I’ve began drawing every day, I’ve began working out every day, I’ve began blogging every day. And I’ve broken the habits that I worked so hard to form. 

But I’ve forgiven myself. And I’ve kept on the next day. We’re all human afterall (presumably – I’ve been watching a lot of sci-fi/fantasy lately). So, you may find yourself falling behind on things you’re supposed to be doing. If you miss a day, just keep on going the next day. One day gone shouldn’t kill all that you’ve worked so hard for. 

And if you’re in a funk and you’re missing multiple days in a row, maybe you’re expecting too much of yourself. Either you’re strung too tight, lacking motivation or skill, or you just don’t have the time. Whatever is going on, you’ve got enough on your plate and maybe your habit is just overkill. Cut yourself a little slack.


Habits & Breaking Them

Mardi Gras

As you may or may not know, I live in Louisiana. That was not always the case, so it goes to show that a couple things in my life have changed:

1. It’s way to freaking hot. I’ve had to downsize my sweater collection grudgingly and significantly increase the amount of shorts I own. I don’t even mean at regular times of the year. I’m talking 80s in January and February.

2. This yankee’s taste buds have evolved. While I don’t eat the Louisiana food of choice: crawfish, I do partake in a good gumbo (chicken please). Never will I go back to simply adding salt and pepper and calling it a day. And her spice rack grew three times it’s size.

3. Mardi Gras is kind of a big deal. Now, I’ve never been particularly partial to parades and I’m really not one for partying. Boring, I know. But even I look forward to Mardi Gras. Why, you ask? Well kids, let me tell you a little story about how schools treat it like a federal holiday.

I mean, really. I’m in college – at a university – and they give us over half a week off classes and campus completely shuts down. It’s amazing and ridiculous. But it’s an excuse to get nearly a week off for R&R. You think I’m over selling it, but since I work for the university, I even get work off. I go from having zero days off all semester (weekend working girl) to having almost a full week off. 

Don’t worry though, it’s not all perfect. The professors compensate lost time with extra homework. I have something due in all but one of my classes when the break is over. What’s the opposite of a silver lining?

Anyway, I think that’s all for now. Byyyye.

Mardi Gras