Already Planning the Next London Trip

Last week, I talked about when I went to London. Something I may not have mentioned: I fell in love. With the city. London is my dream place. I’ve officially added it to my list of life goals to live in London (it wasn’t there before because I believe you should at least visit a place you hope to live beforehand to get a taste). But tragically, I was only there for a few days. Not nearly enough time to properly explore the city (or even a fraction) especially since I was still getting over jetlag and I was sick! But that doesn’t discourage me from loving it or already planning for the next time I visit. 

Next time, I will bring boyfriend. Obviously. I’d like to go in the summer simply because I do surprisingly little traveling in the summer. Usually because I crave cold weather and snow like the freaking abominable snowman and the best way to find those are to go to cold places in the winter. It doesn’t really get cold here in south Louisiana… ever. Which is depressing.

Anyway, I think I’d like to escape the extreme heat and go for a more moderate temperature during the summer next time. But that’s not a deal breaker. Another reason I travel in the winter is because I like it. 

So let’s talk about transportation for a minute. Did you know that they still have ships that take people on super romantic transatlantic journeys right into London? I actually found a specific one that I researched a lot. I showed boyfriend and he said “fuck no, the ocean is scary.” That means maybe, right?

So, yea, it takes significantly longer than a flight (like a week instead of a day…) but you can just add that time onto your vacation, right? And this company will let you bring your pets and can I just say that it is so much safer than the pressurized cargo bay of a plan? But do you really need your pets with you on vacation? 

Well, I was actually researching this mode of transportation for – I don’t know- if we want to move there someday… 

Okay, back to vacation planning. We’ll probably just take a plan like most people. Boring. Hopefully first class so we can get some tiny shred of that comfort and also because boyfriend can’t sleep well on planes and maybe that would help. 

When we get there, I’d prefer to AirBnB with an entire apartment so we can make some snacks and meals and not eat out every single time we’re hungry. Speaking of eating, I’ll probably be pretty flexible with the restrictions I put on myself at home because, vacation, right? I’ll want to get tea at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. You read that right. It’s a cat cafe. Omgyes. I’ve also made note of a few library bars that sound cool. Otherwise, I’ll probably be okay with most places boyfriend will want. I’ll definitely be planning on getting afternoon tea at least once (also made note of a few options already). 

I’ll drag boyfriend to the things I saw the last time I was there like 221 B Baker street and King’s Cross. We’ll go to markets and museums. We’ll walk up and down the Thames. We’ll watch the changing of the guards even though I’ve heard it’s overrated. We’ll ride the Eye even though I don’t like heights. We’ll be mostly discovering and exploring brand new things together though. Because three days isn’t even enough time to put a dent in London.

Already Planning the Next London Trip