How Do I Write…

Who’s old fashioned like me and really likes writing with a pen(cil) and paper? Just me? That’s okay. I know you kids today rely on technology like there’s no tomorrow. Says the 22 year old writing a blog post on her iPad listening to Pandora on her iPhone.

The problem I have with writing that way is it get’s my creative juices flowing a little too well. My brain starts to work faster than my hands. It’s really frustrating to be halfway through a sentence and just suddenly start writing a completely unrelated word. Sometimes I even start one word and it turns into a different word by the end. Then I lose my train of thought.

So, unfortunately, long pieces of writing usually happen through a keyboard. I still use my notebook for excerpts and writing on the go and whatnot. Nothing is more annoying than pulling out your laptop/tablet and getting it all set up just to have time to type a few words before you have to scramble to put it away. And don’t even get me started on the whole mental note concept. Yea, like I’m going to remember 100+ words of a story when I can’t even remember the assignments due today. Besides, when the inspiration hits, sometimes you just gotta write because 100 words can turn into 500 pretty quickly.

But when I do write on my laptop/tablet, I don’t usually have any complaints. I write in Word or Google Docs on my laptop (PC) and Pages and Google Docs on my iPad. Something about writing this way just doesn’t spark my creativity though. I’ll sit in front of a screen for an hour with no clue what to write but once my pen hits the paper, it’s doing something (not always something good, but something is better than nothing). I’ve been considering getting a typewriter though. I think that would be a happy medium, but I’m still questioning whether that’s too hipster. But then again, a hipsters and writers do generally have a lot in common… 

I’ve been toying with the idea of attempting zero/low waste, so producing a bunch of paper doesn’t really fit the bill for that. But if it’s what I have to do, then it’s what I have to do. And that goes for you too. Don’t feel bad for whatever fits you best. If it’s pen and paper like me, start carrying around a notebook and a pen. If it’s typing, then you would probably benefit from a tablet of your choosing. It’s an ivestment of your future, so don’t let anyone shame you into thinking you’ll just be wasting money on something that you’ll only use to play games. I believe in you to be productive. That’s all you need, right? A strangers approval?


How Do I Write…

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