Working with a Medium you Hate

So, last week, I updated you guys with some artwork of my Handsome Squidward guy. Both of those drawings were done in charcoal. I fucking hate charcoal. It’s messy and too dark and hard to erase. And I have to use it constantly. Most art degrees at the school I go to are heavily based on drawing classes. I am in Drawing II and I have two more drawing courses to take for my degree plan. I don’t mind drawing, I actually like drawing on my own terms (preferably in pencil/pen/paint/anything but charcoal). Every drawing class requires drawing in charcoal. I hate it sooo much

When you hate using a medium in your art, you get less motivated to actually work on your art. Now, I recommend everyone to always try new media. But if you’ve already tried it (and gotten used to it – not just trying it out once or twice) and you absolutely hate it, you don’t have you work with it in your personal art. But if you’re in school and you’re taking classes for credits toward a degree, you have less control. 

I cope in a few different ways. First, I complain a lot. I try not to go overboard, but venting usually helps. And hearing other people who feel the same way as you, oh man is that satisfying. Second, I try to get my work in those media done as quickly and in as few sessions as possible. I hate having charcoal under my nails and it only really goes away after you wash your hands a couple times. So, I work in as few sessions as possible so I don’t prolong that experience. Third, just do the work. I’m bad at this one, because I’ll put off finishing a piece until it’s due. But, I don’t recommend this. If you get it done as soon as you can, you don’t have to dread the time you have to work on it later. Lastly, I try to find as many types of charcoal as I can that don’t have the bad effects that I hate. I have to work in charcoal, but they never said what type of charcoal (devious laughter here). I like working with charcoal pencils because it doesn’t get under my nails like compressed charcoal sticks. I don’t mind vine charcoal because it’s not too dark and I can erase it pretty easily unlike compressed charcoal sticks. God I hate compressed charcoal sticks…

Okay, that’s my venting and coping for when you have to work with media that you don’t like. Byyye.

Working with a Medium you Hate

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