Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake (Review)

Three Dark Crowns is a story set it another world (fantasy) where every generation, three triplets are born to the queen. Each of the sisters have a gift and are separated at a young age to live with other people with the same gift to train and grow said gift. When they come of age, the sisters fight to the death until there is only one of them left standing to claim the throne.

This book was given a 3.9/5.0 on Goodreads and I can understand that rating. First of all, I kept thinking that nothing was happening in the first 50-75% of the book. It wasn’t necessarily boring, but not what you expect out of a book that advertises the premise that three young girls are fighting each other to the death. That being said, I actually quite liked it once I wrapped my head around the fact that I wasn’t going to get a lot of action right away. When the action did pick up, it kept my interest easily. If the first half of the book was a good as the second half, I could see this book getting closer to a 4.5-5.0/5.0 rating. 

Going into this book, I didn’t really do much research because I didn’t want any spoilers. In a way this was great because I didn’t know what to expect other than what the cover said. The bad part of this was that I didn’t know I was reading book one and book two won’t be out until the end of the year. I’m an insanely impatient person when it comes to things like this. I’d rather wait to read the book until the next one is out and just binge read them together. That’s just personal preference though.

The world in this book is unbelievably unique. I loved the premise. I really liked the characters and the ending, too. Without going into too much detail, I can definitely say that I have a favorite of the triplets, but that’s not to say I don’t like the others. They were written really well and completely separate from each other. Which I actually found surprising because there are soooo many of them. It’s one of those books where you get different third-person POV each chapter rotating between the sisters. Each sister has their own world that they live in and you learn all about it without obvious expository storytelling. I think that’s actually part of the reason why it was so slow at the beginning.

Overall, I think I’d give this a 4.0/5.0 rating. 

  • Well written characters
  • Unique & developed world
  • Magic & fantasy is always a plus for me
  • Great plot
  • Kinda slow to the point
  • To a point that isn’t even in this book, but the next one! ):

Yes, I will be re-reading this when One Dark Throne comes out on September 19. Byyye.

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake (Review)

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