Back from Hiatus

I know I don’t have enough followers to have noticed and I know I haven’t been blogging long enough to really have a regular schedule. However, this is really more for my sake than anyone else’s. 

Remember last week when I posted about missing my first blog post? Ha. Well, in that post, I addressed that maybe there was something else going on behind the scenes. I actually missed a few more days and then I decided to make it into a full week so that I could evaluate what would make this blogging thing the most beneficial for me. 

So I figured out just what was going on. Firstly, I was just getting off a break from school. That meant my mind went into a lazy mindset and I was playing a little catch-up with classes. Secondly, I was just finishing up on a big project that I’ve been working on and frankly, I just didn’t quite have the time/motivation/energy to focus on much else (I’ll probably update on said project in about a month! So excited!). Lastly, I was still figuring out what the best schedule was for me in regards to this blog and until I get that schedule down, I’m going to miss a few.

And I figured out what I was going to do about it. So, I’ll be posting less often – like a few times a week rather than every day. I’m thinking MWF on a regular basis. That’s three days for three topics I want to talk about. I think that works. 

k byyye.

Back from Hiatus

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