Is it just me or is adulting hard? All I want to do is binge watch Netflix and make art. But I guess it’s necessary. So, I have a job, I wear pants, and I cook food with veggies.

Okay, so I actually like wearing pants and eating veggies but you get the point.

Some of the things I do to make it feel like I might actually be an adult are as follows:

1. I use wooden hangers. Dude, seriously-it ups the closet game like nobody’s business. 

2. I wear more than just a t-shirt, jeans, vans combo. Says the girl who is literally wearing just that today. But seriously, it’s actually been a personal mission of mine lately to make my wardrobe look like I have my shit together.

3. I seriously do like those veggies that I cook. I roast some broccoli up with my red potatoes and ooh boy am I a happy girl.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t take the time to be an irresponsible adult. Sometimes I just need to sit in bed for a day a few hours with no pants, watching Netflix-which has already asked me three times if I want to continue watching. Nobody asked you, Netflix. Quit judging.

It’s actually a personal belief of mine that doing these kinds of things are essential to being a well-rounded adult. Not all day, every day-but at the end of your night or on the weekends or something. You deserve a break. I think it’s really important to balance your life. All work and no play makes Ashley a grumpy girl. But having no responsibilities makes me feel useless and I end up having an existential crisis on a Tuesday afternoon. Nobody in Target wants to see that. 

So balancing responsibility and irresponsibility to a point where you’re busy enough to feel useful but having enough fun to not feel burnt out is the sweet spot of life.



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