Mardi Gras

As you may or may not know, I live in Louisiana. That was not always the case, so it goes to show that a couple things in my life have changed:

1. It’s way to freaking hot. I’ve had to downsize my sweater collection grudgingly and significantly increase the amount of shorts I own. I don’t even mean at regular times of the year. I’m talking 80s in January and February.

2. This yankee’s taste buds have evolved. While I don’t eat the Louisiana food of choice: crawfish, I do partake in a good gumbo (chicken please). Never will I go back to simply adding salt and pepper and calling it a day. And her spice rack grew three times it’s size.

3. Mardi Gras is kind of a big deal. Now, I’ve never been particularly partial to parades and I’m really not one for partying. Boring, I know. But even I look forward to Mardi Gras. Why, you ask? Well kids, let me tell you a little story about how schools treat it like a federal holiday.

I mean, really. I’m in college – at a university – and they give us over half a week off classes and campus completely shuts down. It’s amazing and ridiculous. But it’s an excuse to get nearly a week off for R&R. You think I’m over selling it, but since I work for the university, I even get work off. I go from having zero days off all semester (weekend working girl) to having almost a full week off. 

Don’t worry though, it’s not all perfect. The professors compensate lost time with extra homework. I have something due in all but one of my classes when the break is over. What’s the opposite of a silver lining?

Anyway, I think that’s all for now. Byyyye.

Mardi Gras

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