Does anyone else have this problem where they plan and plan and plan and never actually do the things that they plan on doing? No? Yea, me, neither.

But in all seriousness, when it comes to this, I am sooooo guilty. I’m plan out my days like a freaking lunatic. But I don’t actually conform to those plans a lot of the time.

I do this a lot with my art. If I don’t feel like drawing, I won’t draw in the time that I’ve alloted during the day specifically for drawing. I’ll binge-watch Netflix instead. Which I can do while drawing.

Or I’ll plan on working on my design portfolio during the winter break because I’m too busy during the semester. Ahem. And then I don’t and I have to push it to the summer because I’m still too busy during the Spring semester.

I found this list on Pinterest that describes Modern Mythology and I thought it would be so cool to actually bring these characters to life. But I know I won’t get around to it for a while. Instead, I have sticky notes in the back of my sketchbook with descriptions of each of the characters.

Okay, so that one is more a lack of confidence than procrastination…

I don’t have any inspirational things to say after this one other than I understand what you’re going through if you have this same issue. If anyone can help me with my dilemma, it would be greatly appreciated.



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