Writers Block

What do you write when you can’t seem to figure out what to say? As I’ve noted previously, I have issues finishing things. Which makes it really hard figuring out what to write. Finding the ending of a story is basically the equivalent of stating what you want your whole story to be about. For me, this is extremely difficult because I don’t usually have a message I want to engrain into the story when I start. No moral or ethical underlying translation of the surface story. Which is the best part of the story, am I right? I don’t have this particular issue in any of the other things I do. I don’t find the need to put a subliminal message in my art (intentionally). Or in the clothes I wear. The color of my hair. Nothing.

But writing is hard. I have issues with words which is why I like writing. I speak as if English isn’t my first language – even though it is. I forget words and I fumble over my sentences. I long to be a gracious wordsmith, so I write. If I can’t figure out how to say it out loud, I’ll put it on a page…

If I could figure out what it was I wanted to say… That’s the thing about writers block. It’s terrifying and defeating. But all it takes is one spark of inspiration to lunge your sword into the belly of the beast and let the words flow out of the wound. 

I’m currently looking for that perfect inspiration. I keep getting beautifully inspired for settings or characters, just no plot or storyline that I can see. It just takes time, so if you’re going through the same thing as I am…

I urge you to just be patient and actively observant. You never know what will spark your mind to start writing.

And on a side note: If you have a spark of inspiration, stop what you’re doing and write it down. Text or email it to yourself. DO NOT LET THIS OPPORTUNITY PASS YOU BY! I can not tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself that I will remember it in the morning but the idea dissipates before daybreak. It’s infuriating. 

Okay, I think that’s all for today. Byyye.

Writers Block

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