Another thing I want to explore in 2017 is expanding the media that I use in my art. This semester, I am taking a painting class, so I’m already on the right track. We use acrylic paint in class, but I’ve been exploring watercolor and gouache on my own time. Mostly just researching videos on YouTube…


The two pieces on the left are acrylic 16×16 pieces made for class. And on the right is my sketchbook where I’m practicing watercolor.

Pick up something weird and make shit something with it. My cats decided to break my mirror one day and I added it to my painting. I felt like playing with transparency, so I bought a poster frame and painted on it.

Make a painting out of coffee. Draw in the sand/dirt/mud. Or just pick up some kind of medium that you’ve never used before and start creating.

Okay kids, that’s all for today. Byyyye.


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